WHERE DO YOU START when building a new community?

Do you have ANY IDEA where to start when building a new community? The majority of my clients mention to me how they struggle to work out where to start when building a new community.

It’s tough when there isn’t a “user manual” to get started with building a new community.

I certainly wish I had a guide when I first started out!

I have a free checklist for those getting started to help guide you (you can download this from my homepage.

But generally speaking here are some questions that you can ask yourself when looking to start a new community.

5 questions to answer the basics (start with why!):

  • Why are you looking to build a community?
  • Who is this community for? 
  • Why would community members want to join a community (what is the value you are providing them with?). 
  • What can you offer the community that is unique/different/ missing from other communities? 
  • What would success look like to you?

Go deeper (answer the following questions):

  • What will you name your community?
  • Where will you host the community? Where will interactions between members take place? 
  • What type of content will you be creating in the community to generate engagement? 
  • Who will be managing this community (moderation, growing and engaging with members)?
  • How will you communicate with people about the launch?

Of course there is a lot more to think about… 

You can see everything I cover in the community coach program below! 

4 stages to launch your community

Hopefully this gives you an idea of where to start. If you’re still feeling stuck, contact me!

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