Web3 Community Tools & Platforms: Find the right one!

Are you building Web3 communities using various Web3 community tools and platforms? You are probably faced with the following challenges:

Are there ways I can grow the community?

How could I improve engagement and participation from the community?

Where could I find a complete picture of all community activity across platforms like Discord, Twitter and other platforms/tools?

How could I improve the onboarding experience for new members?

Is it possible to host events for members where they actually want to turn up and participate? 

How can I create a leaderboard for the community?

How can you find the right web3 community tool for your community?

It’s hard to cut through the noise with everything that’s going on in Web3. 

As a Community Coach, I mentor Web3 communities (including startups for the Sandbox and Animoca Brands accelerator programs). I have daily conversations regarding which web3 community tools and platforms should be used for specific community requirements.

Building a community is hard work. 

You don’t want to waste your time trying to figure out which tool or platform is right for you. 

And I know it’s not exactly easy to just Google and find the right web3 community tool…

To help you find the right Web3 community tool, I decided to create a directory of all the Web3 community tools and platforms

I have curated this directory to include tools that have been useful to other Web3 community managers out there.

And it’s FREE!

The Best Web3 Community Tools Directory out there...?

This directory is simple. 

You can search for a web3 tool by name. 

Or filter all the tools based on categories that I have created. 

Web3 community tools and platforms directory

Find the right web3 tool by category.

Categories cover everything from web3 community platforms to discord bots, web3 community voting and general engagement tools.

Filter web3 community tools by categories.

Learn all the different ways you can use tokens to "gate" your community and provide alpha.

One of the most comprehensive categories in this directory is actually the token-related category

This is one of the fundamental concepts in Web3. We’re using tokens like NFTs as the “ticket” to join private communities, and there are so many other applications for using tokens to add value to your communities. 

With this directory you can filter out all the noise and focus on what problem you are trying to solve in your community. Then check out the tools available and make a decision from there.

Power to the people!

I wanted this directory to have “Web3” vibes.

So I have a section in this directory where the web3 community can submit their own web3 community tools or platforms that should be in the directory.

I will review every single application that comes through. I’m already receiving applications, which is awesome. 

If you have a web3 community tool or know a tool that belongs in this directory, please submit it and I will review!

I have also created a “wish list” section.

Because the Web3 platform and tools space is EARLY, there are still plenty of ways we WISH we could engage with community members. I’ve added a section to this directory where you can add your list. As I have conversations with Web3 people every day, I can let them know your wishes and hopefully one day they will come through! 

You can watch my Youtube reviews in this directory! 
Because I have a Youtube channel where I have reviewed many Web3 platforms and tools, I include those videos right in the directory for the relevant tools so you can watch them conveniently and learn more.

If you prefer to read rather than watch videos, I recommend checking out my blog for more articles as I do also write about Web3! 

Community directories can provide alpha

This is the first directory that I’ve built, and it was really fun for me to learn a new skill. I used Airtable and the Glide app to make this directory. I’m adding to this directory every single day. I started off with about 50 platforms and tools, this is now already reaching 100. 

I believe creating directories is a useful skill for community builders to have (or at least know how to work with others on the requirements to build a directory). Curating resources is one way to add VALUE to your communities. If you can create a useful directory that saves your members time and money, then you are definitely adding value. 

If you know other Web3 community managers that need this directory, then feel free to share it; it’s completely free to use.


I wanted to put something out there for the Web3 community, especially because it’s such a hard time at the moment to keep building and keep moving forward. 

For more details check out my Youtube video about this directory below. 

I'm on Twitter & Youtube!

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