Community Coach Services

Are you struggling to know where to start when building your own community?

Or are you facing a “dead” community and need help or advice on how to revive it? 

I offer a range of services depending on your needs and budget.


Fractional Community Executive

Who: CEO's, founders, senior executives

Stage: Pre or Post Launch

What you need: Strategic advice and/or execution on strategy

Community Coach Program + Mentorship

Who: CEO's, founders, senior exec, community managers

Stage: Best for Pre launch

What you need: Guidance & mentorship to launch your own community *BEST VALUE*

Community Audit + Coaching

Who: CEO's, founders, senior exec, community managers

Stage: Post launch

What you need: Guidance on how to revive/improve an existing community.

Fractional Community Executive

For: CEO’s, founders, senior executives looking for help to develop a community strategy that aligns their business goals with the community. Additional options available include working on launching the community and mentor new hires/community team to manage it longer term.

Stage: Pre or Post Launch of the community

Offer: Community strategy, member research, community platform & tools selection and setup, training of new hires/team, community KPI reports and audits

Previous fractional client and how it helped:

Unity Technologies – I developed the community strategy, launched and managed various Unity Education communities over several years as a fractional community executive.

These communities:
– Generated additional revenue for the business
– Provided essential feedback on new product launches
– Recruited brand ambassadors that were active community members
– Provided valuable user generated content for marketing to use in their campaigns.

Fractional Executive Pricing (USD)

Hiring your own Chief Community Officer or Head of Community will cost you on average $200k USD per year for the salary alone. That’s almost $17k/month.

Instead, you can consider hiring on a fractional basis and reduce costs for your business (without sacrificing results). 


Looking for an Advisor for guidance
$ 3,000
  • Community Strategy Advisory
  • Community Setup Advisory
  • Community Manager/Team Advisory
  • 4 meetings (1 hour each) / month


Looking for an Advisor + Assisted Execution*
$ 6,000
  • Community Strategy
  • Community Setup (Assisted)
  • Community Manager training
  • 8 meetings (1 hour each) / month


Advisor + More Execution required**
$ 10,000
  • Community Strategy
  • Member research & Community Setup
  • Community Manager/team training
  • 16 hours dedicated / month

If you are interested in any of the above tiers, please contact me with more information about your community and your requirements. 

Community Coach Program + mentor

The Community Coach program with personalised mentoring covers the 4 stages required to build a community from zero along with 4 x 30 minute one-on-one mentoring sessions to keep you on track.

Align your business goals with the purpose of building a community, define key KPI’s to measure success

Learn how to effectively conduct research with your potential (and existing) community members and how it develops your community strategy 

Platform & tools selection, community team setup, content strategy, engagement strategy, launch your community including onboarding new members.

Ensure engagement remains high, collect feedback from community members and review KPI’s in stage 

Previous Community Coach Program client and how it helped: 

New Skills Academy – I worked with two senior executives using the Community Coach program to help them develop their community strategy and gain the confidence to launch an online community of their customers.  They successfully launched their community using Facebook groups (a platform that was selected after conducting member research) which has now grown to over 5.6K members that are highly engaged and helped to retain existing customers. The community is also a major selling point to acquire new customers. 

Price: 1500 USD

Community Audit + Coaching

Community builders face many challenges – many are unexpected. Wondering why your community has “died” and can’t figure out how to revive it? 

Or perhaps you are considering rebranding it to align better with your business goals – but you can’t decide how to proceed without losing momentum (or worse, having your loyal members leave your community). 

A community audit and/or individual coaching sessions will help assess where your community is currently at, and how to address any specific challenges faced.

Price: From $300USD for basic audit, $500USD for audit with recommendations, additional private coaching available (must purchase an audit)

Previous Community Coach client and how it helped: 

Charlie Ward, founder of Ramen Club (a paid community)- had required a rebrand to align better with future goals of the community and business. With regular coaching sessions, I provided mentorship and advice on how to proceed with the rebrand amongst other challenges. Charlie is building a successful community that is much loved by its community members. He has recently acquired another colossal community “Indie Worldwide” and is in the process of merging the two communities together. 

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