How to create content that engages your community

As an experienced community manager, I have spent countless hours working on what content should I produce and publish that would engage members…

I’m talking content that really RESONATES with its members.

That adds value to its members.

That encourages likes, comments, CONVERSATIONS and sharing. 

I know so many other community managers sit around spending time on this too.

Sat there in front of the computer, wondering what to write next.

It can feel SO tedious doing this every week. 

I started to take note of which posts work and which completely bomb out (not one peep from a member). 

There’s no perfect formula as there are so many variables involved…

However I do believe in one solid belief when it comes to content.

Produce content that your members actually want…

That sounds SO obvious and pretty straightforward, right?

But it’s really hard to know exactly what your members want unless you know everything about them.

So first, start from the beginning and get to know your members’ pain points, challenges, goals & motivations. 

Always start there, and then move onto content. 

Don’t assume this, I promise your community members’ will always provide you with insights you never saw coming!

Ok, now you know what your members want content wise, you have to consider creative ways to produce this content.

Too often I see content that is developed in the most generic/standard ways…

Let’s host a live webinar and then share the recording afterwards…. 
Let’s record a video tutorial and then share it to the group…
Let’s write a blog post on the topic and then post the link for members’ to read…

This is all well and good, but how are you actually encouraging members to consume this content?

Coach tip: put your “matchmaker” community manager hat on and make sure you tag members who would benefit the most from your content.

It’s the same as if you were in a busy room and you introduced two people to each other that you know would get along or should meet each other.

Here’s an example of how to amplify your webinar recording link (instead of just posting it to your community). Try something like the below instead…

Our recent webinar on “simplifying accounting for startups” {recording link} covers:
* How to get started from the beginning
* What accounting software to consider (from zero budget to $$)
* New regulations for global dropshipping
@memberuno you should check out from 05:45 mark onwards your hero Mr Accounting Wizard makes a special appearance and answers a question you recently brought up in this group! Also tagging in @memberduo @membertres as I know you both would benefit from watching Mr Wizard answer questions around real estate (from 08:42 onwards).  

Another Coach tip : consume as much content as you can and draw inspiration from how other sources have sparked engagement/conversation in their own spaces.

Think about how you can apply that to your own community. 

Here’s a creative example of how you can engage with your members:

Think about how you can create your own “Are you this type of person or are you that type of person” with your own community. 

It will be fun for members to see what others are like in the group and it helps create a sense of belonging (wow so many of us here are a hot mess in summer!). 

The MOST IMPORTANT aspect is to edit the topics to be applicable to your own community, where you KNOW members will immediately identify between the two different scenarios and identify with one.

If you need more inspiration on posts to engage your community, I’ve published an ebook with 100 post ideas including templates and examples!

If you are still struggling after that then you should contact me @acommunitycoach on twitter and let me know what’s going on! 

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