Follow the program.

Build the community you need.

The program ensures you don’t skip any necessary foundations required to build a successful community. Read through the informational guides and complete the practical worksheets in your own time and book private mentoring sessions when you are ready.

Program Overview

The program

Complete the program in your own time, with practical advice + worksheets to build the community you need with confidence..


Access useful resources to find answers to your specific community needs.


One-on-one mentoring with an experienced community builder ensures you stay on track, guide you through the program and answer your questions.

Program Details

The program covers four stages with mentoring sessions after completing the worksheets in each stage. This format ensures you get the most out of your mentoring sessions.

This first stage is often overlooked by businesses, as they assume this is obvious. Building a successful community has the opportunity to bring incredible value to your business. Depending on your situation and goals, this could include generating revenue, scaling up your marketing and customer support efforts, providing valuable market research, building new products/services and more.

By the end of this stage you will be able to identify what the business goals are for the community and define them in measurable outcomes. 

Once you’ve figured out why it’s important for your business to build your community, you then need to work on it’s purpose for your members. This is the reason why community members would join and actively engage. It’s vital to pinpoint their why (not yours).

By the end of this stage you will be able to identify your members’ pain points, challenges, motivations and aspirations.

This information  will guide you in future stages to ensure your community members feel valued, engaged and help you meet your business’ goals. 

Now it’s time to get your community up and running. This stage will help you select and set up the community platform you will use, outline the benefits to members for joining, create content management plans, prepare engagement strategies (including badges, community tiers, community generated content) and plans around community moderation. 

In this stage you will now focus on how to manage the community post-launch. 

Once a community has launched, the work has only just begun for a community manager! It is now vital to listen to community member’s feedback, make adjustments to the community where needed and work on growing an engaged community.  Large communities can self-implode as members can be turned off by too much noise that isn’t relevant to them. Managing a growing community takes effort to successfully scale without losing members along the way.

+ 4 private mentoring sessions for each stage
Each stage is divided into digestible worksheets with information to guide you along the way.

At the end of each stage you simply book your private mentoring session to help you stay focused, on track and answer any questions you have. Work at your own pace.


Community Coach Program (no mentoring)

$ 800 USD
  • Program guide & worksheets to build & grow your community
  • A personal video recording (provided at the start) to watch at your convenience with advice based on your situation

Community Coach Program (with mentoring sessions)

$ 1500 USD
  • Program guide & worksheets to build & grow your community
  • 4 x one-to-one mentoring sessions @ 1 hour each with your very own community coach!
  • * Limited spots available​

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