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Testiominals/ Past Clients

Previous Community Coach Program client and how it helped: 

New Skills Academy – I worked with two senior executives using the Community Coach program to help them develop their community strategy and gain the confidence to launch an online community of their customers.  

They successfully launched their community using Facebook groups (a platform that was selected after conducting member research) which has now grown to over 5.6K members that are highly engaged and helped to retain existing customers (reducing customer churn from 28% to 14%)

The community is also a major selling point to acquire new customers. 


Previous Community Coach client and how it helped: 

Charlie Ward, founder of Ramen Club (a paid community)- had required a rebrand to align better with future goals of the community and business. With regular coaching sessions, I provided mentorship and advice on how to proceed with the rebrand amongst other challenges. Charlie is building a successful community that is much loved by its community members. He has recently acquired another colossal community “Indie Worldwide” and is in the process of merging the two communities together. 

“Carmen’s coaching has had a significant impact on me and the community I run. She has deep expertise in her field, and repeatedly gets me unstuck on thorny issues that are often not written about online. Having somewhere to vent about community related challenges also really helps, and she does it all with brilliant calmness and positivity. Thank you Carmen!”


Charlie Ward
Founder, Ramen Club

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