AI tools for community building: how it can help + 3 tools to know

AI Community Tools

AI community tools for community managers

We all have seen ChatGPT and other AI tools explode in recent months.

Community managers have a wide range of daily tasks. No surprises there. The real question is: can AI community tools actually help community managers? 

So far there have been mixed responses from community managers on whether AI is actually helping them with their tasks.

I personally spent a lot of time focused on improving my prompt engineering – realising that “rubbish in, rubbish out” principle applies heavily in the world of AI. 

Quick tip: if you’re looking to do the same, I highly recommend checking out the documentation for the AI tool you are using. For example, for ChatGPT, you should check out its free documentation provided by OpenAI to improve your prompts. 

After using ChatGPT and realizing its time-saving benefits with community management tasks such as assisting with content creation, community strategy and helping with engaging and moderating community, I decided to explore other AI tools to see how they could also help. 

I focused on finding AI tools that reduce time and costs for my “high-priority” tasks. 

I’m not going to lie. Cutting through the hype was difficult.

The good news is that there are some exciting AI tools available to assist community managers with even the more challenging tasks (such as scaling up DMs!), and there is potential for these tools to have further advancements as time goes on.

It’s important to note that I also tried AI tools that weren’t that great. This is to be expected, given the early stage of this technology being rolled out. 

If you’re out there experimenting with a bunch of tools, chances are you’ll have to kiss a few frogs just like I have.

Despite these challenges, there are certainly valuable tools to be aware of. 

I’ve included three of these AI tools below. If you’d like to check out more AI tools, take a look at my more comprehensive guide on AI tools to build community

AI Tool #1: Brand24
Helps you "listen" across the internet

Brand24 AI tool

Brand24 is an AI-powered social listening tool.

With Brand24, community managers can get AI-powered access to mentions across social media, news, blogs, videos, forums, podcasts, reviews, and more.

The tool offers the most complete access to online mentions out there, allowing community managers to be the first to know and get ahead.

How can this actually help if you are a community manager?

  1. Member Research: if you’re trying to understand potential members of your community, this tool can help you build a comprehensive picture of across many different sources. 
  2. Find new members: The majority of the time community managers are struggling to “get the word out there” that their community exists. With this tool you will learn who is talking about your product/brand/business/industry and where they are. You can then target those people, websites, media companies, businesses etc and invite them to join your community
  3. Content inspiration: There is so much content out there that should be shared within a community, but it gets missed out. It could be that someone has shared on their blog/youtube/instagram etc something about your brand/business but they weren’t a member of the community (but they really should join – see point 2!). All of these mentions that have value should be shared within your community. 

Here’s how AI takes this to another level vs. Google keyword alerts etc: Brand24 gathers insights from 25 million online sources, tracked in real-time, and uses advanced sentiment analysis to segment positive, negative, or neutral mentions. 

AI Tool #2: Social Bee
Create content in seconds

Social Bee AI tool

Community managers can spend a lot of time coming up with ideas to “engage” members in the community (and outside to encourage new members to join). 

You may have tried ChatGPT for ideas, but here’s another tool to check out called SocialBee. 

You can choose the social platform, and then it will give you a a range of prompt templates to choose from. You can then add additional information, add the tone of voice required, number of words, whether you want hashtags and emojis generated and how many posts it should generate.

I’ve been trying this myself and it’s been an incredible way to increase content in a very user friendly and simple manner. 

An even more exciting way to use Social Bee is to use their “interactive” prompt (where you select the type of post you can scroll down and select this). For a community manager looking to find some ways of engaging with their members, this is heaven! 

SocialBee will provide prompts of ways to interact with your members, and once you select an appropriate prompt it will then create content for you instantly. It will most likely need to be further edited by you – but again this is definitely saving you time trying to think up ways to engage with your community.

AI prompt template by Social Bee

AI Tool #3: Canva AI Tools
Does it all from design to write

Canva AI tool suite

I’ve been a big fan of Canva for helping create community assets for many years now.

I’ve noticed they have been introducing AI tools quietly for some time – first with beta testing and now rolling these tools out properly for all Canva users to enjoy! 

There are several AI tools within Canva that I have used to create social media graphics to raise awareness.

Here are a few free AI tools I use in Canva a lot: 

“Magic Media” – you provide a prompt with the graphic that you want and Canva will actually create 4 different versions for you to choose (and you can continue to adjust/edit these versions until you get what you need). No more stock images needed!

Canva AI tool magic media

This gives you INFINITE possibilities on how you can create eye catching graphics that could potentially go viral and encourage more people to learn about your community.

“Magic Write”: this is Canva’s AI text generator that makes it easier to generate long- or short-form written content for your social media posts, blog articles, and presentations. 

Magic Write in Canva helps you create short form content fast.

I like to use this tool to help me create short-form content (you won’t have to worry about writers block with this tool)- and works especially well across multiple social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter/X… this tool will help you create the perfect messaging for each platform.

Another AI tool in Canva that I’ve been using more lately is the “Magic Design” tool. You currently get 10 free credits to try it out, and with a text prompt you can ask it to create a new design from scratch.

I even tried a super quick prompt (which is accurate for community managers who are time poor!): 

“Cosmic-themed Facebook post for my astronomy club meeting”… 

here is what is gave me in SECONDS

AI generated image by Magic Design in Canva
Canva's "Magic Design" AI tool can create assets in seconds!

You can’t deny that for a very quick and simple prompt this design is NOT BAD as a starting point! The more details I provide in the prompt the better the design gets. 

If you use Canva a lot, I HIGHLY recommend giving the AI tools inside the platform a go! 

What else can AI help with as a community manager?

As I mentioned earlier, I have recently written a comprehensive guide on AI tools to build community

There are tools in this guide that can help you with tasks that you didn’t even think would be possible, such as:

  • Analyse qualitiative research and take it to next level – from AI analysing your own video interviews to any other resources you provide – from youtube videos, tweets etc. It can then provide valuable insights including sentiment analysis, common threads, word clouds… saving time for anyone who spends a lot of time on community member research! You can even create your “own ChatGPT” using your own qualitiative research -i.e. you can then ask any question (just like google) and it would deliver results based on the research you have provided! 
  • Branding and content creation: create websites, logos, social media content, blog articles all by using prompts
  • DM’ing people at scale but WAY MORE EFFECTIVELY than using “mail merge” type approaches… I shudder to think of all those DMs I’ve received in Twitter that call me “bro” and are not personalised at all. There ARE tools out there that use AI to greatly improve the current process of reaching out to people individually – and you can still add your own personalised spin yet save much needed time. Think personalised DMs with tools that can help you segment people better, with AI writing assistants that can provide you with easy prompts to continue conversations (and you can further edit/personalise). Still human, just with AI helping you along the way. The tools I cover work for LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter/X.
  • Community strategy: with the right prompts, you can have the best community management experts in your back pocket, thanks to AI.


AI is not all bad. I highly recommend you at least give one of the tools above a try, and if you enjoyed that you’ll really enjoy trying out more of the tools just like I have. 

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If you’re interested in more comprehensive guides, check out my resources page for further details including “Build Community using AI” and “How to supercharge your community with ChatGPT”. 


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