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Why build a community?

Community can be incredibly powerful for brands and businesses.

Successful communities can help you

✅ Find new customers
✅ Retain existing customers
✅ Develop new products
✅ Hire your best employees
✅ Provide much needed product/service feedback

They can also help you reduce your costs (including customer support, advertising fees, market research costs and recruitment expenses).   

Examples of successful communities

Sephora Beauty Insiders Community

Sephora Beauty Insiders Community Homepage

Sephora’s Beauty Insider community offers personalised experiences to their members (which results in high engagement rates) along with driving real business outcomes of increased sales, customer loyalty and product support.

Salesforce Trailblazers

Salesforce Trailblazers community homepage

The Salesforce Trailblazers community empowers Salesforce product users and learners “Trailblazers” to learn relevant skills, connect with others around the world, and give back together, resulting in community members getting new jobs, promotions and delivering success at their companies.

Lego Ideas

The LEGO Ideas community is a platform where users can submit, share, and vote on ideas for new LEGO sets. The community provides a continuous stream of new product ideas whilst empowering customers to be involved in the product development process.

Learn how to build your community with this new guide that includes using real AI tools. 

What I offer

Community Coach self-paced program

Designed to help you build your own community from zero or restart a community that has “died”.

Guided program with 4 stages including practical worksheets, templates and personalised mentoring. 

The program is designed to keep you on track and help you launch or re-launch your community with confidence!

Templates, guides & resources

With over a decade of community management experience, I have created many templates over the years that I have used as part of my process whilst managing successful communities. 

These templates, guides and resources are to help busy community managers focus on what matters most (engaging their community!) and reduce admin/ research workload. 

Build community using AI tools

*New* add-on guide: AI tools for community

Are you looking to build a thriving community for your product, brand or industry using the power of AI (without all the hype and noise)?

If you are a solo founder or looking to build community on a budget, this is the resource for you. Using AI tools as your assistant, community management consultant, and community manager – you will be able to use the power of AI to help you launch a community on a shoestring.

Meet your mentor...
Hi, I'm Carmen.

I am an experienced community manager with a track record for success, building communities for startups and multinational corporations across various industries.

Over the years, I have developed my “winning formula” to ensure that new communities I build have meaning and add value to both community members and the business that runs them.

I am an experienced community manager with a track record for success, building communities for startups, and multinational corporations across various industries.

The value in building community

One-way marketing

E.g. Email newsletters, Facebook page, Instagram page, LinkedIn company page, Website content, blogs, advertisements
Build an engaged community
E.g Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, in-house community platforms such as Salesforce community cloud, forums, community clubs, physical events series

The value in building community

One-way marketing
Engaged community
E.g. Email newsletters, Facebook page, Instagram page, LinkedIn company page, Website content, blogs, advertisements

The Community Coach Self Paced Program

Community Coach offers a 4 stage program with practical worksheets and resources COMBINED with personalised mentorship with an experienced community builder to help you stay focused,  grow a successful community that provides value to your members whilst achieving your own business goals.

Practical Worksheets

Community Resources

Personalised mentorship

Who this program is for

The Community Coach program is designed for businesses that meet one of the three criteria:

Needs to understand the value of community

Needs to get started and build a community

Has a community but needs help with engagement

Why it's so hard to build community

A lot of people know that building a community is important for their business. But knowing where to start is the toughest part. Here are some of the challenges and common questions that come through:

Where do you even start? Do you pick the community platform first? 

I’m worried that members won’t engage with the community and it will flop from day one.

We already have a community but nobody is talking on it. 

I have no idea how to convince senior management to invest in community. Help! 

How do I motivate members to contribute to the community?

I don’t have budget for a team to manage the community. How do I do this with minimum resources?

The community coach program is designed to help guide you through all the above questions and more! 

“Carmen’s mentorship has had a significant impact on me and the community I run. 

She has deep expertise in her field, and repeatedly gets me unstuck on thorny issues that are often not written about online. 

Just having somewhere to vent about community related challenges also really helps, and she does it all with brilliant calmness and positivity. 

Thank you Carmen!”

Charlie Ward
Founder of Ramen Club 

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