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Increase brand awareness and improve your customer retention.

"What is a community?"

A community refers to a group of people who share common interests, values, goals, or identities, often centered around a brand, product, service, or specific industry.

Communities can exist offline as local groups or clubs, and online on various platforms such as Facebook Groups, Discord servers, Slack, Reddit & other forums along with custom websites to host communities.  

How community can help your business

Meet your Community Coach, Carmen

"How do I build a community?"

A lot of people know that building a community is important for their business. But knowing where to start is the toughest part. Some of challenges and common questions include:

Do you pick the community platform first?
How do I get people to talk and engage with each other?
How do I convince management/investors to spend money to build a community?

Where do I find a community manager?
Can I build a community as a solo founder?

As an experienced community manager and consultant, I have faced these challenges and developed programs & guides to help answer these questions and help you build a community with confidence.

Get coached & build your community

Community Coach Program

Designed to help you build a community for your business from scratch (or restart a community that has “died” – struggling with low engagement).

The Community Coach program is personalised for each client with 1-1 mentoring from an experienced community builder (10+ years) included. 

The program will answer all your questions on how to start a community, how it can help you achieve your business goals and keep you on track.

Limited spots available and applicable only to those who have a business.

Guides & resources

Tried and tested guides developed by your very own Community Coach with a decade of experience in building and managing successful communities.

These guides focus on specific challenges community managers face such as community member research, increasing community engagement and hiring a community manager.

Available to anyone who would like to learn more about building and managing a community. 

Community Coach Ebooks and Templates

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“Carmen’s mentorship has had a significant impact on me and the community I run. She has deep expertise in her field, and repeatedly gets me unstuck on thorny issues that are often not written about online. Just having somewhere to vent about community related challenges also really helps, and she does it all with brilliant calmness and positivity.
Charlie Ward
Founder, Ramen Club

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